Through our dedicated community engagement and strategic marketing efforts, DK Movement Cares is at the forefront of highlighting critical issues affecting our community. By organizing events, engaging in public speaking, and fostering dialogues, we not only raise awareness but also create platforms where community voices can be heard and amplified. Our initiatives serve as a bridge, connecting community members and ensuring that their concerns are not just recognized but actively addressed. Our mission goes beyond mere awareness; it's about galvanizing action and inspiring change, ensuring that every member of the community feels seen, heard, and empowered.


Bringing Awareness to the Community


    Unknown Voices Luncheon

    The "Unknown Voices Luncheon" at the Bridge Community Church, in partnership with the UCONN PEP Program, was designed to offer a platform for individuals experiencing homelessness. Here, they could share their stories with community leaders and advocates, fostering discussions on how we can collaboratively support them as a community. Below is our interview on Fox61 for this impactful event!

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