Our vision is to inspire and uplift individuals, children, and families facing adversity by nurturing a supportive network, increasing community awareness, and partnering with like-minded non-profits to facilitate transformative, enduring impact in our communities.


We Assist Others Through

  • Financial Help

    We offer financial support and resources to non-profit organizations aligned with our, as well as to individuals and families in need.

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  • Awareness

    Through our community engagement and marketing initiatives, we shed light on pressing issues impacting the community, amplifying their voice and raising awareness.

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  • Mentoring

    We strive inspire and empower both adults and youth in the community to evolve into the best versions of themselves.

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Communities demonstrate their solidarity by addressing needs when they emerge. Even when we're not raising funds through our events, our "We Care Fund" is dedicated to offering emergency aid to individuals in distress, as well as contributing to organizations that align with our mission.


Together We Made A Difference

Step forward with purpose and make a significant impact! Last year, due to your overwhelming generosity during our inaugural event, we successfully raised a remarkable $11,000. These funds had a transformative effect on the Bristol Special Olympics and the Agape House Homeless Outreach. The Bristol Special Olympics not only facilitated bowling opportunities for all the athletes but also paved the way for the inclusion of new participants and equipped them with fresh uniforms. Importantly, these contributions financed their weekly bowling practices, culminating in their participation in the Special Olympics Bowling State Tournament on November 18, 2023. Additionally, the funds covered their registration fees for this prestigious state tournament.

Agape House intends to use the funds raised to acquire a van, which will play a crucial role in supporting individuals, especially during the winter months. The van will be used to transport people to shelters, providing them with a warm and safe place to spend the night. Additionally, it will facilitate access to adult educational programs and job training, helping individuals move a step closer to becoming productive members of their community. The van will also be used to pick up and transport much-needed donations, assisting individuals and families who are facing homelessness and food insecurity. This essential service ensures that those in need have access to crucial resources, amplifying the positive impact of your generosity on our community and bringing hope, opportunity, and a brighter future to everyone involved.
This year, we are aiming even higher. Our goal is to fund additional programs for the Bristol Special Olympics and further expand the services provided by the Agape House for the homeless community. Each step you take alongside us brings hope, opportunity, and a brighter future for everyone involved.

Bristol Strikers!

  • Bristol Special Olympic Athletes!

    Looking great in their new bowling shirts.

  • Bristol Strikers

    We are very proud of all of the athletes.

Upcoming Events & Initiatives


    Holiday Lights Food & Fund Drive

    Our Holiday Lights Food & Fund Drive is an initiative to support local food banks within the Bristol area. We understand the importance of community support and we believe that every contribution, be it a can of food or a monetary donation, can make a significant difference in giving a family the much-needed help they deserve this Christmas.

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    2nd Annual DK Movement Cares 5K Run/Walk

    Join Us for the 2nd Annual DK Movement Cares 5K Run/Walk! This year, over 200 of you helped us raise $11,000 in a remarkable display of community unity. This year, we're setting our sights even higher!

    Date: Saturday, August 24, 2024

    Location: The Bridge Community Church, Bristol, CT

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