DK Movement Cares believes deeply in the infinite potential residing within every individual. Our fervent commitment to this noble cause is not just about providing assistance; it's about engaging with our community, listening to their needs, and addressing their unique challenges. Recognizing the distinct obstacles faced by both adults and youth, we've tailored our initiatives to meet these specific needs, always aiming to foster growth, resilience, and self-awareness.

As a cornerstone of our community, we act as a beacon of hope, guiding those eager to embark on a transformative journey of self-improvement. Our mission transcends merely offering a helping hand; it's about igniting the inherent potential in every person, encouraging them to recognize and embrace their worth, capabilities, and dreams. By speaking to people and truly hearing their needs, DK Movement Cares envisions a community where everyone is inspired and empowered to become the best version of themselves.


Mentoring Others

  • Plainville High School Career Gallery

    Plainville High School hosted a career gallery that exposed students to a wide variety of professionals helping them learn more about what careers align with their strengths and interest.

  • Group Home Visit

    Derek was asked to share his personal journey with youth facing challenges reminiscent of those he once encountered. He was there to encourage and inspire them, reminding them that regardless of their circumstances, they have the potential to grow and persevere.

  • Mentoring at its Best

    A father reached out to us, moved by our story and our business. His son, aspiring to become a fashion designer, was keen to interview us for his school project. After our interaction, the young man was elated with the insights he gained. His father mentioned that this was the first time he had seen his son smile in a long while.

  • Career Day

    We had the privilege of addressing the teens at the Cambridge Park Club for the Boys and Girls Club of Bristol. Our goal was to offer insights into the entrepreneurial journey and provide guidance on how they can achieve their unique career aspirations.