DK Movement Cares Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for DK Movement Cares aligned with the organization's mission to support families and children in need through fundraising events for organizations that provide critical resources and services. Their primary responsibility is to oversee the management and direction of the organization, ensuring that it is fulfilling its purpose effectively and efficiently. The board of directors engages  in the following:

Provide Strategic Direction: Set the organization's strategic direction and ensure that it aligns with its mission, vision, and values.
Expand the Network of Non-Profit Organizations: Set goals to expand our network of non-profit organizations, explore new partnerships, and identify organizations that align with our mission.
Enhance Community Engagement: Increase awareness of our mission and increase our impact in the community, we can set goals to enhance community engagement. 
Ensure Financial Stability: Oversees the organization's finances to ensure its financial stability. 
Fundraise: Plays an active role in fundraising efforts by soliciting donations, identifying potential donors, and participating in fundraising events.  
Ensure Accountability and Transparency: Ensures that DK Movement Cares operates with transparency and accountability. 

Derek JonesDerek Jones

President- Derek Jones

Derek Jones is a Bristol native who enjoys helping others within the community he loves. He is an former member of Bristol serving on various boards such as The Men and Boys' Fund, Energy Commission Board and the Bristol Diversity Council. His passion is to bring the community together and to support all that are in need.

Kelly HoustonKelly Houston

Secretary-Treasurer- Kelly Houston

Kelly Houston has made it her mission to give back to the community she loves. She participated in various boards and committees such as the Bristol Diversity Council, Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce and W.O.W Event Advisory Board. Her passion is to help make impactful changes within the community to bring unity and equality to all.

Board Member-Jane Jarrow

Bio coming soon