At DK Movement Cares, our commitment extends beyond mere words; it manifests in action. We offer financial support and resources to non-profit organizations that resonate with our mission and core values through our events and fundraising initiatives. Recognizing the unforeseen emergencies and disasters that can befall anyone, in addition to providing assistance to non-profits, our goal through recurring donations is to provide timely monetary assistance to individuals and families caught in these critical situations. Beyond financial aid, we also donate essential goods to both non-profits and individuals in need, ensuring that they have access to the basics during tough times.


Here are some actions we've taken within our community

  • A Individual in Need

    While simply grabbing a cup of coffee at Cafe Real, we came across an individual in need. At the core of our mission is the conviction that aiding others is an intrinsic duty we all hold. Coming across this individual grappling with homelessness, our hearts were moved to intervene. We extended clothing from our brand DK Movement, hoping to offer not just physical warmth but also a sense of pride and self-worth. Recognizing the pivotal role of communication in our modern age, we also gifted a prepaid cellphone from Metro By TMobile. This gesture aimed to empower him, furnishing the means to initiate crucial conversations, connect with vital resources, and create avenues to potentially better his current predicament.

  • Family Displaced After House Fire

    Our hearts go out to our daughter's friend who just lost his home to a fire in Bristol. It is a traumatic experience that can leave individuals feeling lost and overwhelmed.

    It takes time to heal from such a loss, but with the support of loved ones and a positive attitude, it is possible to rebuild and move forward. We helped this family out by donating items from our DK Movement clothing brand and gift cards to Amazon and Stop & Shop.

    "Thank you for all your donations, help and understanding and time. At this time, my family and I are heartily grateful that there are people like you guys who ae helping us and have helped us in these difficult times as we are devasted and helpless, but you help and people like you guys have given us a push to move forward. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the donations and for everything. Thank you James Rivera Martinez"

Helping Other Organizations

  • Feeding Those in Need

    Our visit to Brian's Angel Homeless Outreach. We had the pleasure providing Capitol Lunch hotdogs for everyone who was at Brian Angels. Also dropped off some clothing from our clothing brand. It was a pleasure seeing the smiles on all their faces. This is why we do what we do!

  • Summer Fun

    The Cambridge Park Boys and Girls Club in Bristol was gearing up for their summer camp but lacked essential sports equipment and art supplies. Recognizing their need, we stepped in to ensure a fulfilling camp experience for the kids. We provided them with soccer balls, footballs, and other crucial equipment, as well as art materials to fuel their creativity. Our aim was to enrich their summer, allowing them to fully engage in both athletic and artistic activities, ensuring a memorable camp experience.

  • Raising Funds

    On August 26, 2023, the community came together as we hosted our inaugural 5K Run, drawing an attendance of over 200 participants, sponsors, and vendors. In support of the Agape House Homeless Outreach and the Bristol Special Olympics, we successfully raised $11,000. These funds were generously donated to these exceptional organizations, reflecting our community's collective spirit and commitment.

  • Power Washer For The Barn

    Shepard Meadows Equestrian Center required a power washer to maintain the cleanliness of their barns housing the animals. Recognizing their need, we were pleased to step in and donate one to assist them.

  • Family Day Donation

    At the Family Day event hosted by the Cambridge Park Club of Boys & Girls of Bristol, we proudly contributed sneakers for the youth who were in need of them.

  • Adopt-A-Child Back to School Program

    This year we purchased two bookbags with school supplies for a pair of siblings for the United Way of West Central Connecticut Adopt-A-Child Back To School Program